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Sell By Owner AND Be On The MLS!




Can I sell by owner AND be on the MLS?



Our mission is to do what we can to maximize the exposure of your property for sale.

Since 1999, we have had a lot of clients asking if there was a way to sell by owner AND be on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Recently, we have made an agreement with a local broker who will place your property on the MLS... and, still let you sell the home by owner!


How does this work?

For $990 you will receive our advertising services (photos of every room, printable flyer page, *until it sells), You will then be referred to a licensed broker who will have you complete all the paperwork to place your home on the MLS which can be viewed on local real estate websites,,, etc - And - it will be listed "*Until It Sells"!


Do I have to pay a commission?

If the broker sells the home, you will have a "reduced" commission... Depending on the options you choose with that broker - the commission will be anywhere from 2.8% to 3.8%...(Half of the normal)!... If you sell the home yourself - you do not pay any commission.


Does get a commission?

No... we only get paid for the advertising.


Will this work with any agent/brokerage?

Not unless the agent/broker is willing to provide the same program.


If I am already listed on, can I upgrade to this package?

Yes, this is the "only" package that we will allow an upgrade to. For more details please call us at 309-756-7469.


How can I get started?

Please call 309-756-7469


For more information about the mls and realtor listing, Please contact the agent:





*If the seller pulls the ad at any time, the ad would have to be renewed in order to be placed back on the website. If the MLS contract is terminated with said agent, the ad will be removed as well.