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FSBO Advertising On Multiple Sites

Posted by qchomeshowadmin on July 5, 2018
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We have had lots of clients ask if they are allowed to cross advertise on other fsbo websites. has “never” had any policy that would not allow you to advertise elsewhere. 

Other qc fsbo sites do have that restriction and have you sign a contract to try and restrict their clients in such a manner.

Photo Use

For 19+ years now, we have offered professional photos to our clients as it is the photos that viewers use the most in order to make a good first impression.

If you are going to advertise on more than one fsbo website – The photos you post will be the “Most” important factor in how well your ad is received. If you have photos you took with your phone, on a late night, with questionable lighting, and the home was not quite staged or clean… you are effectively sabotaging your selling efforts.

With that being said – we have struggled with the idea of releasing our photos to the clients in order to help them achieve their goal of selling… It “is” the main reason we are in this business – to help you sell!

As the owner of Home Show Tours Inc., I am going to create a new photo policy. This temporary policy will be as follows:

Home Show Tours Inc. dba,,, and other domains owned and operated by such company as of July 5th, 2018 hearby offer a temporary release of photos taken by our staff with the understanding that any and all photos used cannot be altered, defaced, re-marked, resized or have the copyright © information removed or altered.

The photos remain intellectual property of Home Show Tours Inc. and will not be used in such a manner as to create confusion, misleading information, or to in a way manner or form defame or degrade the company’s reputation. This temporary release is for the testing of misuse and possible legal issues that may be unforeseen. If such issues arise, you as the client or user of such photos agree to be liable for any and all misconduct or illegal activity your posting may or may not have caused. You also agree, in order to use the release that you will email the company a link to each and every website and/or entity that you are using the photos on. This will enable our staff to maintain tracking records and seek misuse of this policy.

This release is exclusively for “active” Home Show Tours Clients that are selling by owner. If your property has expired on the website, you must cease use of all photos and intellectual property of Home Show Tours Inc. Please remove any and all relevant links, photos, etc off of all extra marketing.

Agents, brokers, and other professionals must have a “Photo Release” document signed by the owner of Home Show Tours Inc in order to have use of any of our content.

This policy is subject to change without notice. The length or duration of this temporary policy is undetermined as of yet. If the policy is changed, you may be notified of the changes via email as long as you have followed the instructions of the above mentioned criteria for use of the photos. You may or may not be required to remove the photos from any and all postings you have made if the altered policy requires it.

By using or posting photos taken and owned by Home Show Tours Inc. you agree to this policy and its terms and conditions.

I sincerely hope this new policy will help our clients and I ask that as a client, you will appreciate the gesture.

Troy L. Vavrosky


Home Show Tours Inc.

A few things you should consider by adding other fsbo wesbsites to your fsbo marketing.

  1. Your property’s price history “will be” posted in Zillow – I am unsure why they do that… it does not help the seller if they had purchased the home for less and added numerous updates… and never aids the seller unless they overpaid and are sacrificing the property for whatever reasons (which rarely ever happens).
  2. Zillow has what they call a “Zestimate”. This zestimate is very rarely accurate. No viewer should ever believe this is anything near an appraisal or fair market analysis. Using area data and data collected from county sources does not equal a good idea of the home’s value. If you choose to advertise on Zillow – your “Zestimate” may or may not be near your asking price. I had one client who was so upset because a potential buyer believed that the zestimate was a great place to start his offer. “Your Zestimate says the home is only worth $…”!   Again, this is something that does not help the average seller.  If our business created a “Guestimate” that was based on few tidbits of data – our clients would be furious. Again – it makes zero sense to me for them to add such a thing to their website.
  3. Your contact information. Every wonder how it is rather difficult to find the sellers contact info on Zillow? It is posted “way” down at the bottom of the page… It is because Zillow sells agents a “premier agent” package. That is one of the ways they make revenue. The premier agents are listed to the right of each and every ad (Even if they are not the listing agent)… If you choose to list on Zillow – try to add to the description a “text” link to your contact info or other website you are advertising on. By text, I mean do not enter the full url of the website as a link – they don’t allow that… Just enter “copy & paste this url into your browser to view the home –> ” (same for craigslist btw)

With those three things in mind – choose your marketing carefully. If the advertising they offer for free hinders you more than helps you – how is that a good thing?



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