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Celebrating 20+ Years In Business!

Thank You Quad Cities!

Why Choose QcHomeShow?

MultiSite Exposure

Multi-site Marketing

We will not only help you put together a stunning presentation of your property for sale, we will also assist you in your other fsbo marketing using our pro-photos!

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Seller Dashboard

Seller’s Dashboard

Our sellers dashboard offers the ability for the seller to create and edit their own advertisement anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Add open houses, make price changes, etc quickly & easily!



Fsbo + MLS!

The best of both worlds! Increase your exposure on sites like Realtor.com and all the other hundreds of agency sites that feed off the local mls!

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More Options = Better Exposure!

Free Pro-Photos

Our photographer’s equipment is professional grade and our photos are proof that the photographer knows how to show off your homes beauty. We offer “Free” photography with initial package purchase to all of our clients in our travel range.  AND…Yes, *we will allow you to use our photos in your other fsbo advertising! 🙂

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Use Our Photos!

*We now allow our photos to be used in your other marketing!

*The rights to all photos taken by our photographer are owned by Home Show Tours Inc. Although we will assist in using our photos on sites such as Zillow & Trulia, the photos cannot be used by licensed professionals and/or competitive websites offering similar services for payment without express written consent by the owner of Home Show Tours Inc.

24/7 Self Editing!

Our job is to come to the property, take professional photos and build you a great presentation… and, that is what we will do for you. Once the ad is done, there are times when “you” may want to make an impromptu change… Our seller’s dashboard allows you to  Create or Edit Your FSBO Ad Anytime 24/7 ! Set open house times, edit photos & details, place reduced or new price ribbons, and more! 🙂

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Social Sharing Function

Facebook and other social media may assist in providing extra exposure. Although these sites were not developed for advertising of homes for sale, we understand the client’s wish to share their advertisement on these sites. Our site now offers a social share function that will allow you to post any qchomeshow.com ad right on your facebook, twitter, googleplus, or pinterest pages!  Just click the share icon.

Click here for details on how to share your fsbo ad

Buying & Selling Tips

Our vast amount of photos & options expose each property in a clean & extremely user friendly environment. Our professionally written descriptions help inform buyers about the amenities your property has to offer. Our buying & selling tips pages have numerous articles that inform you on what to look out for and more! Once the viewer has seen & read all about your property for sale – they are now a quality lead and not just another “tire kicker”.

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Sell FSBO & MLS!

We have had a lot of clients asking if there was a way to sell by owner AND be on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

We have made an agreement with a local broker who will place your property on the MLS…and, you can still sell the home by owner!

If “you” sell the property – you do not owe the agent another dime!

Click here for more info on our FSBO+MLS Package

We Are Agent Friendly!

Other FSBO sites that do not allow you to advertise your home if it is listed with an agent are just missing the point. You want help advertising a property for sale – Thats what we do best! If an agent brings the buyer, and you are getting a good price – why would you pass up that opportunity? Negotiate, stay objective, and sell! If your home is listed with an agent – call us – we can help!

High Success Rate!

While other sites place questionable statistics & banners on their sites to drive future business, we place our numerous customer testimonials on our site for you to see an accurate measurement of our success. After reading these testimonials, you will be reassured we are working in the best interests of our clients & that our advertising works! “Customer testimonials are the only true measure of how a business is doing it’s job.

No Gimmicks!

Since 1999 we have offered superior home advertising in the Quad Cities. Over the years, numerous other fsbo sites have came and went… all offering some gimmick. The old phrase “you get what you pay for” sinks in. Recently, we have noticed some of these fsbo home sites are offering no up front fees but hit you for “huge” costs at closing! Why pay thousands when you can get better results for as little as $200? Your cost to advertise on our website may or may not be cheaper than the next guy but considering our services & marketing campaigns, we “are” the best choice in comparison.

No Smoke/Mirror Tricks

If you have ever been to any of the local qc fsbo homes websites, you have seen banners & stats stating all their so called achievements. What they have achieved is to throw out a lot of information “without” any proof. You are supposed to just swallow up everything they say as fact… I don’t know about you – but – for the last 20+ years that I have been running this business – I know when I smell B.S.  and let me tell you – it is beginning to stink around here.

Example 1: One site simply says their homes sell for 99.93% of suggested list price! (Who’s suggested list price)? They also state their homes average days on the market is 20 days… Hmmm… I have a database full of everyone’s listings… I bet that is a bit of a stretch! Pick out 5 or 10 of their properties and come back in 20 days to see how many of those you selected are still active and how many have went pending… You will have your answer and know if the stat is worthy and accurate.

Example 2: Have you seen the new site in Iowa that has no upfront fees? Wait – before you jump into that mess – be aware the cost comes at closing! That’s right – upwards of $1999 or more depending on options! There is also this cute slide bar showing what it will cost you to sell with them vs flat fee mls, etc… and if you have any knowledge of this – the math is wrong. But, they dont think you will ever check it… and, people tend to believe what they are told. How is one little site getting almost $2,000 at closing when you can get an MLS listing for $990? They cannot compare the exposure of the mls. There are almost 1000 agents working the mls daily. How many are working at this new Iowa fsbo homes place?

Example 3: The old fsbo site in the qc has revamped their site and still says they are #1… (according to them). They love tooting their own horn and throwing out stats like candy at a parade! Read the fine print… if you have to call or go in to get the details of their stats – that means they do not want to post it online… I wonder why? Could it be debated? Could those of us who track their information see that their stats “may” be a complete farce?  Somehow, they still continue to try and convince everyone that the MLS is dead, and they are the best thing since the wheel… lol – Some things will never change.

I see I have gone an yet another rant… I apologize folks – it is just that after 20 years of helping sellers, I get a bit upset when I see them spending good money for inferior service and being convinced of things that are not absolutely true.

Ask questions folks… demand answers. You deserve them!

Fast Service!

We can have your fsbo ad online within 24-48 hours in most cases!

Don’t Take Our Word For It,

See What Our Clients Are Saying!

Testimonials are the one true source that a business is doing it’s job in the best interest of the client.

Can I Sell My Property
By Owner And By Agent?



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Superior Advertising = Superior Results!


$150 90 Days


$990 *Until It Sells!


$150 60 Days
  • Up to 15 Photos!
  • Free Pro-Photography
  • Stays Online For 60 Days
  • Printable Flyer Page
  • Interactive Map
  • 24/7 Editing
  • Staked Yard Sign
  • Ad Saved For Future Renewal Of $50/60 days
  • Price is charged per unit (if multi-unit applies)

Unsure Which Package You Want?

No Problem!

You can always pick your package when we come to take the photos.

Call 309-756-7469 to schedule the photo shoot or complete our New Client Request Form

Relax, We Got You!

Check Out Our Seller Services

Things To Consider When Selecting A Fsbo Website

QuadCityHomeShow has successfully helped thousands of Quad City for sale by owners (fsbo) achieve the goal of selling their homes. We are the very first tour site in the Quad Cities that allows clients to advertise their properties by owner or by agent. Our high success rate has earned us the consideration of being the Quad Cities #1 FSBO website! No other local site offers more.

Not all tour sites are the same. No other local qc fsbo site can provide your property with a better presentation than quadcityhomeshow.com! Remember, you get what you pay for. Other sites do not have the experience & viewer base that our site has been building since 1999! We are a Agent Friendly site – Agents & FSBO’s welcome! Do the comparisons – and know your advertising dollars are best spent with an advertising leader, quadcityhomeshow.com.

Sellers have the opportunity to take advantage of our vast amount of options to market their property. We provide more options than any other local tour site! More options increase your exposure – increased exposure improves your chances of selling! Get the best presentation possible by advertising your home on quadcityhomeshow.com!

While other sites place questionable statistics & banners on their sites to drive future business, we place our numerous customer testimonials on our site for you to see an accurate measurement of our success. After reading these testimonials, you will be reassured we are working in the best interests of our clients & that our advertising works! “Customer testimonials are the only true measure of how a business is doing it’s job.

No matter what other sites may say – the MLS is here to stay! With almost 1000 agents in the Quad Cities alone working daily to find homes for their clients – the MLS offers more exposure than any other website could try to accomplish (and that is coming from a fsbo website owner)! Hundreds of agent websites, Realtor.com, and a vast amount of knowledge provided by licensed professionals offer unparalleled exposure for your home.

That being the case, we have seen the future and it is to use the best of both worldsSell FSBO & Be On The MLS!

These days you cannot afford to loose one minute when trying to sell your property. If you need to schedule an open house for Sunday (and its Friday at 5:45pm) your out of luck… your fsbo site office is closed! BUT WAIT – if your home is listed on qchomeshow.com, you can post that open on a Saturday night at 11pm – just login and make the change! If you have that wake up at 3am after a dream that cries to you “Drop The Price And It Will Sell!”… login and get it done!

24/7 editing via our seller’s dashboard!

The New Way To Sell Real Estate - Really?

A word of advice...

Quite a few fsbo sites are claiming to be “the new way to sell real estate”. They state the mls is dead and show all kinds of stats with little to no proof of their claim to fame. We have been assisting fsbo sellers for over 20 years! The new way to sell real estate is the same as it has been for decades. Price your home correctly, get it in front of thousands, and work those leads!  With almost 1000 realtors in the Quad Cities (and over a million in the U.S.A) – you “know” the mls is not dead. Agents have been finding buyers for fsbo homes since day one. No fsbo site it going to ever take the place of that.  With over twenty years in the business, we understand real estate. Together with the mls, we can offer more options than any other local fsbo site.  You have to make intelligent decisions to get results… Look at what your spending for what your getting… Don’t believe that a “no upfront fee fsbo ad” is not going to cost you… the back end fees for those fsbo homes sites are in the thousands. You can get your own attorney for less, your own warranty for less, and better exposure – for less! Read the fine print – ask questions – demand answers.

Qc fsbo Blog

Our blog contains lots of great information to help you!

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