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We are now offering 3D virtual tours as an add-on feature to all of our packages.

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Sell Quicker With Our Proven Marketing

Our proven marketing has lead to thousands of homes sold and millions of dollars saved by Quad City sellers! Since 1999 we have been dedicated to offering the fsbo seller more options, professional guidance & support, and great exposure at a reasonable price.

Seller Services

Pro Guidance & Support

All qchomeshow.com customers are given the best possible support and guidance.

Our 20+ years of experience will be available to you from start to finish.

We will advise you on every aspect of marketing your home for sale!

Professional Photography

Our photographer’s equipment is professional grade and our photos are proof that the photographer knows how to show off your homes beauty. We offer “Free” photography with initial package purchase to all of our clients in our travel range.  AND…Yes, *we will allow you to use our photos in your other fsbo advertising! 🙂

Pre-Market Value Estimate

If you need a assistance in finding your market value, our on staff agent can (upon request) help you with a free consumer market analysis.

Please note that a c.m.a is not an appraisal. An appraiser does far more detailed work to come up with a market price.

If you want a professional appraisal – there are many great appraisers in the area.

Zillow & Trulia Help

We will assist you in your other marketing efforts using our professional photos.

Sites like Zillow and Trulia do not provide professional photos – that is where we come in!

You “need” professional photos to capture the viewer’s attention and show your home’s beauty.

Professional photos can provide increased results while a poor photo can make your viewers skip your property altogether.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and other social media may assist in providing extra exposure. Although these sites were not developed for advertising of homes for sale, we understand the client’s wish to share their advertisement on these sites. Our site now offers a social share function that will allow you to post any qchomeshow.com ad right on your facebook, twitter, googleplus, or pinterest pages!  Just click the share icon.

Click here for details on how to share your fsbo ad

24/7 Self Editing!

Our job is to come to the property, take professional photos and build you a great presentation… and, that is what we will do for you. Once the ad is done, there are times when “you” may want to make an impromptu change… Our seller’s dashboard allows you to  Create or Edit Your FSBO Ad Anytime 24/7 ! Set open house times, edit photos & details, place reduced or new price ribbons, and more! 🙂

Click here For Info On DIY Editing/Creating

Custom Sign Package

We have professional steel framed signs, staked signs, arrow directional signs, and more.

Click Here to view your options.

Printable Flyers

There is an icon on each advertisement that will allow you to print a one page flyer.

Sell FSBO Be On The MLS!

We have had a lot of clients asking if there was a way to sell by owner AND be on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

We have made an agreement with a local broker who will place your property on the MLS…and, you can still sell the home by owner!

If “you” sell the property – you do not owe the agent another dime!

Your property will be listed on Realtor.com, and all the agent sites that feed off the local MLS!

There is no other site that can provide as much exposure as the local MLS + Realtor.com!

Click here for more info on our FSBO+MLS Package

High Success Rate!

While other sites place questionable statistics & banners on their sites to drive future business, we place our numerous customer testimonials on our site for you to see an accurate measurement of our success. After reading these testimonials, you will be reassured we are working in the best interests of our clients & that our advertising works! “Customer testimonials are the only true measure of how a business is doing it’s job.

Click Here To View Our Customer Testimonials

Fast Service!

We can have your fsbo ad online within 24-48 hours in most cases!

Click Here To List Your Home For Sale!

Or Call 309-756-SHOW (7469)

Learn More

Click here to view our seller services page

Or Call 309-756-SHOW (7469)

Offers Are What You Want,

Exposure Is What You Need

Be Listed On Multiple Websites

Multi-Site Marketing

Getting your property in front of thousands of buyers is what we do best. Along with creating a stunning professional advertisement on qchomeshow.com, we will assist you in your other fsbo marketing using our pro photos!

View Our Rates & Services

FSBO Options

Sell Strictly FSBO

For Sale By Owner

We offer our flat fee Fsbo Pro package with loads of photos &  options. Selling fsbo = “No Commissions, No Contract, and No Extra Fees At Closing“! There are also no cancellation fees 

Learn More

Sell Fsbo+MLS

Get even more exposure by being listed on hundreds of websites with our MLS package! This is truly the best of both worlds! You get Agent representation AND you are able to continue to sell by owner = Results!

Learn More

We Have Thousands Of Happy Clients & Counting!

Customer testimonials are the only true measure that a business is doing it’s job correctly, honestly, and in the best interest of the client.

Selling Tips

For over 20 years QcHomeShow has successfully helped thousands of Quad City for sale by owners (fsbo) achieve the goal of selling their homes.  How do we maintain such a great success rate? “Presentation“. Your home needs a great online presentation and that is only achieved with pro-photos, large amounts of detail, and great marketing. We have been around for a long time – we know how to maximize the exposure you need to bring the buyers to your door.

Offers are what you want – Exposure is what you need! QcHomeShow uses numerous venues to keep your property in the eyes of the public. If your just using social media to show your home, your missing out on thousands of viewers! Social media only hits a small percentage of home buyers. It was not designed to expose your property to a major audience of buyers. Your friends of friends, etc are not all active home buyers. The QcHomeShow audience is nothing but home buyers & sellers and we have been building that audience for over 20 years. It is safe to say “We have your target audience”.

While other sites place questionable statistics & banners on their sites to drive future business, we place our numerous customer testimonials on our site for you to see an accurate measurement of our success. After reading these testimonials, you will be reassured we are working in the best interests of our clients & that our advertising works! “Customer testimonials are the only true measure of how a business is doing it’s job.

QcHomeShow.com will help you with your Zillow & Trulia ads, and any other marketing you may need assistance with! We will load our pro-photos for you and assist you with the details (which will increase your viewings on those sites as well). Great photos bring in more viewers and help homes sell faster. We have all seen ads of homes online that might seem interesting until you get into the photos and they just don’t do enough to get the buyer to the property. Loosing even one viewer over poorly taken photos is unacceptable.

With almost 1000 agents in the Quad Cities working daily to find homes for their clients – the MLS offers more exposure than any other website could try to accomplish! Hundreds of agent websites, Realtor.com, and a vast amount of knowledge provided by licensed professionals offer unparalleled exposure for your home.  QcHomeShow can now let you utilize the best of both worlds Sell Your Home By Owner (FSBO) & Be On The MLS!

See the video below for more information

Most homes sell quicker when the sellers pay attention to the four major factors of home selling: Price, Location, Condition, and amount of comparables currently on the market.  If your location and condition are great – you only have one thing you can adjust and that is price. Always view comparables and make sure you are pricing competitively! Avoid ego driven sales tactics and stay aware of any deterrants that are brought to your attention. Click here to view more tips on selling a home in the Quad Cities.

Sell By Owner “And” Be On The MLS!

Have your property listed on Realtor.com and hundreds of  websites that feed off the MLS!

Qc FSBO Blog

Our blog contains lots of great tips to help you!

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