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What QcHomeShow is doing to help during Covid-19: (We are open)

We are offering a free 30 day do it yourself home listing

We understand the necessity for minimum contact during the Covid 19 virus pandemic.

With that in mind,  we have decided to offer you the opportunity to create your own FREE 30 day advertisement.

We will assist you remotely and will offer tips and suggestions along the way.

If you need professional photos, we can make arrangements to do so with minimum contact procedures.

Call 309-756-7469 if you need any assistance or have questions/concerns.

Stay At Home Special

Free 30 Day Listing

FREE 30 Days
  • Up to 15 Photos
  • Stays Online For 30 Days
  • Printable Flyer Page
  • Interactive Map
  • 24/7 Editing
  • 1 Free Listing Per User
  • Do It Yourself – New Users Only
  • Do not load any photos “you” did not take.
  • New submissions will be reviewed before activation.

FSBO Basic

Full Service Package

$150 90 Days

No Contract!
No Commissions!
No Additional Fees!


Full Service Package

$250 *Until It Sells!

No Contract!
No Commissions!
No Additional Fees!


MLS (, etc)

$990 *Until It Sells!
  • Up to 35 Photos!
  • Free Pro-Photography
  • Stays Online *Until It Sells
  • Printable Flyer Page
  • Interactive Map
  • MLS Listing + (Details)
  • Agent Representation & Assistance
  • Posted On Hundreds Of Websites
  • Social Sharing Feature (Details)

If Sold By Agent = 3.4-4%
If Sold FSBO = 0%!

(View More Details)


Full Service Package

$150 60 Days
  • Up to 15 Pro-Photos!
  • Stays Online For 60 Days
  • Printable Flyer Page
  • Interactive Map
  • 24/7 Editing
  • Staked Yard Sign
  • Ad Saved For Future Renewal Of $50/60 days
  • Price is charged per unit (if multi-unit applies)

*For Full Service:

1 – Contact us at 309-756-SHOW (7469) to schedule a time to have us come take professional photos.
2 – Complete the New Client Online Form or print the New Client Printable Form (to be completed and given to the photographer)
3 – Prepare the home for photos (View Tips)
4 – We will photograph every room, gather additional details, and then the photographer and you will pick the photos and package you wish to present as well as go over the completed form.
5 – We will then complete the ad (typically on the same day) and send you login information and an email letting you know your ad is complete.

View Our Terms Of Use

*For Full Service + MLS:

Contact us at 309-756-SHOW (7469) to schedule the photo shoot

You may choose to have your property listed for sale by owner & be on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
(Yes – You can sell by owner “AND” be on the MLS)!
You will be listed with a local licensed Broker/Agent that allows you to sell by owner as well.
If you sell the property, you do not owe the agent another dime!
If they sell the property, it is a “reduced” commission! (Roughly half the normal)
And, it stays online and on the MLS “*Until You Sell”!

*If the MLS contract is terminated with said agent, the ad will be removed as well.

If you have additional questions about the MLS package, click here to contact any of the agents at Why Usa Schramm & Associates:

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*For Self Serve:

1 – Register & Log In
2 – Click the member icon in the upper right hand corner to visit My Profile
3 – Update your profile information
4 – Click add new property
5 – Select and pay for your package
6 – Create your advertisement

Once you have added the new property, admin will send approval and your is complete!
Tip: You may edit the ad at any time after admin approval.

Important! *Only photos “you” have taken are to be uploaded. If you have photos taken from anyone else, a photo release form signed by the photographer is required.

Contact us at 309-756-SHOW (7469) if you have any questions, concerns, or trouble with the self service setup.

View Our Terms Of Use

Unsure Which Package You Want?

No Problem!

You can always pick your package when we come to take the photos.

Call 309-756-7469 to schedule the photo shoot or complete our New Client Request Form

Additional Information:

  • If you want to use your own photos – they must be photos that “you” have taken. Use of photos taken by anyone other than yourself requires a signed photo release from the person who took the photos. If we are contacted and notified that photos were used without permission, the ad will be terminated and you will be liable for any consequences. If you load your own photos, you waive the free pro-photography we offer.

  • Professional photos: If you choose to have us take professional photos of your home, contact us at 309-756-7469 to schedule the appointment. If your home is further than a specific distance from our location, an additional fee may apply. You will be notified in advance if this fee applies to you. If you are out of our free travel zone, You can avoid the travel fee by submitting your own photos.

  • Retakes of any photos will require a $75 fee to offset our time & travel expenses.

  • Payment are to be made at the time the photographs are taken. (Checks or Cash preferred). $35 fee for any and all returned Checks

  • Scheduling a photo shoot and not showing up at the time scheduled is a $75 travel fee to offset our time, gas, etc.

  • Rescheduling requires a 24 hour advance notice from the time of the scheduled photo shoot.

  • Advertising Rates are subject to change without notification
  • If you choose the FSBO/MLS package, you will be listed with a licensed agent/broker. The agency is Why Usa Schramm & Associates. Please refer to the agent’s site for contact information & details of their services.

*Until It Sells: If the ad is pulled by the seller for any reason (or discontinued with the listing agent), the ad will also be discontinued.

Click Here to view our Terms Of Use

Renewal Rates (If Necessary):

60 days = $100

90 Days = $150

Until It Sells = $200

MLS Upgrade = $740

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