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Compare FSBO Homes Sites In The Quad Cities

Comparing FSBO Homes Sites In The QC

It seems that new fsbo sites are popping up every so often and with every new site comes a lot of unanswered questions. The purpose of this page is to try and educate the fsbo seller on what each site offers (and what they are not directly explaining) 


Cost To You: $3750 At Closing ($3250 if paid upfront)

Rate Checked: 06-06-2024

This local site is part of a franchise. They offer a pre-packaged setup which ties you into several services. Each of these services are not absolutely necessary and therefore may be costing you.  Let’s look at each one to see if it is worth the $3000 cost this site charges at closing.

1) Appraisal

*Average Cost: $350-$400

Absolutely Neccessary: No

Tip: If the buyer is getting a loan – the buyers loan officer will “require” an appraisal and will not accept the appraisal you have done. They pull from their own pool of trusted appraisers. Therefore, you could save yourself hundreds as this is typically paid for by the buyer.


Having an appraisal done may be a good idea if you have no idea what the value of your home is.  If you are planning on selling, my guess is you have done your homework and viewed similar properties that have recently sold in order to give you an idea of what your home is worth.

One client stated his appraisal from this site gave him a price “range”… I am certain that when I have had or seen appraisals – I got a dollar amount that the home was worth…. Food for thought.

2) Inspection

*Average Cost: $350-$500

Absolutely Necessary: No

Tip: If there are no issues with your home, you could save hundreds. The buyer will typically ask for their own inspections which they normally pay for.


Most “buyers” request inspections in order to protect “their” best interests. Even if you have an inspection completed prior to going on the market – smart buyers will want their own inspections. Would you accept someone else’s inspection? What if the buyer doesn’t even ask for any inspections?  Think about it… unless your home has been neglected, this may be costing you some hard earned money.

3) Attorney

*Average Cost: $400-$650

Absolutely Necessary: No

Tip: It is always a good idea to have legal representation. 


Personally, I would always suggest legal representation in a real estate deal. But, you should have the option of choosing who you will use! If you choose to use fsbohomes – you will use their attorney. Some attorney offices charge more than others… I have a handful of attorney offices that I trust to do the job and I want to choose who will represent me.

Considering 1-3 above:

Each of the above services can be useful…  Timing and cost is what is in question. If you are paying for a service that may not be needed or will be re-done by the buyer… you could be costing yourself a lot of money.

The three services listed above have an estimated cost of $1100-$1500. 

Where does the other $1500+ dollars you will be charged by fsbohomes go? Photography? Advertising? On 1 website! That is way to much money to spend on just one website advertisement.


Qchomeshow has fsbo package that only costs $250 (which is 12 times less than what fsbohomes charges)!  If you want a 3D tour add $250 for a total of $500 (which is still 6 times cheaper than fsbohomes prices)!

Smart sellers will see that fsbohomes bundled services may not be in their best interests.

You can always purchase every one of the services listed above on your own…and still save hundreds by listing with!

*Average costs may vary. Always shop for the best deal. 

Click the links below to search for these services:

Quad City Appraisers

Quad City Home Inspectors

Quad City Attorneys


Cost to you: $649.95-$799.95 (+$$ for extra photos, travel fee, rush fee, etc)

Rate Checked: 04-05-2024

This local site claims to be the #1 fsbo site in the Quad Cities. I am sure in their eyes – they believe that puffery…  Qcfsbo offers most of the same services as other local fsbo sites but they have you sign a contract that restricts you from advertising on “certain” websites. Why? Who knows… it doesn’t make sense why an advertising company would want to restrict their clients. Your simply wanting to buy an advertisement of your home for sale… if the local papers made you sign a contract that wouldn’t allow you to advertise with their competitors – you would certainly laugh – right?  Lets dive deeper into this comparison:

Qcfsbo Rates vs QcHomeShow Rates Rates & Services


Listed: Until Sold

  • 20 Pictures, Detailed Info
  • Add’l Pictures-$14/picture
  • Interactive Google Map
  • Free Professional Photos of Your Property
  • Summary Caption (Provided by Customer)
  • Printable Flyer


Listed: Until Sold

  • 35 pictures, Detailed info
  • All features of “List Until Sold” Package PLUS
  • 3D Virtual Walkthrough of the Entire Property
  • Viewers Can Explore 3D Property Interior
  • Panoramic 360° Views of the Property Exterior
  • Interior & Exterior Together for Immersive Experience
  • Highlight Reels & Feature Tags Rates & Services



Listed: Until Sold



Listed: Until Sold

  • Listed Until Sold
  • 35 Professional Photos
  • Added To Zillow/Trulia
  • FREE 3D Tour ($250 Value)
  • Printable Flyer Page
  • Interactive Map
  • 24/7 Editing
  • For Sale Signs (Details)
  • Social Sharing Feature (Details)
  • Posted On Hundreds Of Websites
  • Agent Guidance From Start To Finish
  • MLS Listing + + More
  • Agent Representation & Assistance
  • Sell By Owner AND Be On The MLS
  • More Seller Options (Details)
  • ♥New♥ “No Upfront Fee” Option (Details)
  • If Sold FSBO = 0%
  • If Sold By Agent = 4-5% (Details)

Rate Comparison: 

As you can see, it costs you quite a bit more to advertise as fsbo on qcfsbo vs qchomeshow. 

Qchomeshow packages offer more photos, more options, more services, and is an agent friendly website. 

If you decide to list with an agent, we will  place your agent’s contact information on the ad for you – for free! 

You paid for the advertising – and, you get to continue it even if you are listed with an agent! This option is not available on qcfsbo.

Things To Note About Qcfsbo:

1) Qcfsbo Restriction:

There is a restriction mentioned… The “Until Sold” package is subject to listing policies as outlined in their “Legal Notice & Disclaimer”. They ask that you call for more information about this notice.. But, why you must call for more information?  Is there not enough webspace to post the information on how the client is being restricted? Is this a secret? Do they not want everyone to know? Seems seriously fishy doesn’t it? 

Note: does not have such silly restrictions. And, fsbo sellers never have to sign a contract.

2) The summary caption must be provided by the customer.

If you do not provide the summary or details for each photo – your ad will state “no description available”.  Now that is service! (Yes, sarcasm)… It only takes a short amount of time to add some detail to the advertisement… I mean, that is what you would expect from the so called #1 fsbo site – right?

Note: will write your summary and descriptions. You are welcome to edit them any time with our self editing setup.

3) You will pay extra for more than 20 photos.

($14 per photo)… and, that free pro photography just got more expensive. 

Note: offer up to 35 photos at no extra charge per photo. A $378 Savings vs qcfsbo (27 photos above 8 x $14 per photo = $378)… WOW!

4) Extra costs

Over the years, I have encountered numerous clients that left qcfsbo and stated they had paid extra for relatively short travel, rush fees to get it online sooner, ridiculous amounts for extra photos, $75 sign deposits, etc, etc… 

Note: has a $35 travel fee over 25 miles & sign deposit of $25. No Rush Fees, No Editing Fees, No Closing Fees, No Extra Fees Period… 

5) No Option to self edit! 

This would certainly be something you would want. What if you want to post a last minute open house or price change on a saturday or after hours? Guess you will be waiting until they get around to getting it done for you. (according to their website, it is first come – first serve)… Is there a line to get changes done? Seriously? 

Note: has self editing. Login anytime and edit the ad as you will. If you do not wish to self edit – you can always call or email us with your changes and we will promptly get them done for you!

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