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Where do We return Your Signs After We Have Sold?

Do not return the signs until “After Closing”… just in case something goes wrong between pending & sold.

Sign drop off instructions:

Please place the signs inside the beige vertical storage shed. The shed has our site name & logo on it. If the shed is full, place the signs against the shed’s front doors.
Please do not knock or ring the door bell. This is a resident’s home. The owner’s have been gracious enough to allow their homes to be used as a drop off location for my signs. I will obtain the signs from them, and mail your deposit as soon as I can.
Sign drop off Location
11527 1st St E. Milan, IL

Click here for directions

*QCHS shed is located on the left side of the home’s garage.

It is required that you leave a note in the info tube (or taped to the steel portion of the sign) with your complete contact information: This information is necessary so I know who the signs came from, and where to mail the deposit to. If any information is left out, I may not be able to complete your refund request.

Print this email and complete the following information in a legible manner
(Client’s name must be exactly as it was posted on your ad. Refund checks will be written to a confirmed client’s name only)
Full Name: ______________________________
Phone number: (_____) – ____ – _______
Your new or current “Complete“ address:
Street: ______________________________________________
City: ________________________Zip: ____________
# of signs you are returning: Yard:_____ Arrow:_____ S/P:_____ Info Tube:______
Date Of Return: ____ /____/______ Note any damage here: ______________________

Can I sell by owner AND by on the MLS?

Do you have open house signs?

We do not carry open house signs. You might find open house signs at the local hardware store (such as Menards, Lowes, or True Value) and most certainly on online shops.

Do you charge closing costs or other fees? does “not” have you sign a contract, collect a commission, or have any closing costs whatsoever.

You only pay us for your virtual tour ad, sign deposits (if any), travel fee (if beyond our travel zone), and that is it.

Click here to view our ad rates & services

If you choose the MLS package, the “agent” will have you sign a listing contract, and will collect a commission “if” he sells the property. If you sell the property – you do not owe the agent another dime! 

Click here for more details on the MLS package.

What does your site offer over the competition?

  More! More Options, More Photos, Lower Prices, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, and No long waiting period.

Below are a few links with additional information.

 Compare Us To The Competition

What are your rates for advertising a property for sale?

All the information about our services and prices can be found by clicking here –> packages & pricing.

Can I advertise on other websites as well as your site?

YES. Your advertising dollars are just that, YOURS! We will not tell you how to spend your money or forbid you to advertise on our site exclusively. It has been brought to my attention that “other” websites insist on this, but we would NEVER infringe on our client’s right to advertise their homes whenever and wherever they please. (Yes, agents are welcome to advertise as well).

Can I use the photos you took on other sites, etc?

The pictures taken are property of

Recently, we have created a temporary policy to see if allowing the photos on Zillow/Trulia will work without any problems.

Please read the blog link for details ->

 Refer to our terms of use policy.

Do you have tips to prepare the home for photos?

What are the terms for listing a home on your site?

If I decide to list my home with an agent while listing my home on your site, will you allow me to use them as my contact?

*Yes. If you decide to list your home with an agent and want us to change your contact information to that of your agent, all that needs to be done is to have your agent contact us and give permission to use their logo and name. We will also scan and place you agent’s business card on the site FREE of charge. The yard sign must be maintained in the front yard for the duration of the ad per the terms of use, and please remove the lower for sale by owner panel.

*NOTE: There are certain agents that do not allow you to keep your ad when listing with them. ALWAYS ask prior to signing. You may assume they would tell you this prior to signing, but in many cases, they have not. If you wish to keep your advertising while listing with an agent – be sure to interview several agents and different brokerages prior to making a decision and don’t forget to ask if they wish to have their contact information placed on your ad. If they don’t allow you to keep your ad, you should ask yourself if they are truly acting in your best interests. The advertising is paid for – “why” would they just throw that away???

If I sell my home before the time period is up, can I get a prorated refund?

There are no prorated refunds. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

Not with us. Quad City Home Show does not require you to sign any contracts. The conditions for listing, advertising, and using this site are all detailed on the “terms and conditions page. If you decide to use the MLS package – you will have to sign a contract with the listing agent. 

Are you a licensed agent?

Home Show Tours Inc. Dba,,, offers advertising services to property sellers and is not in any way a real estate brokerage. Home Show Tours Inc. does not collect a commission, closing costs, or any such compensation from the sale of the customer’s property.

Troy Vavrosky, President and sole owner of Home Show Tours Inc. is a licensed real estate broker in the states of Illinois and Iowa.

Customers, by doing business with Home Show Tours Inc. have not entered into any agency relationship expressed or implied by use of the advertising services of Home Show Tours Inc.

Should any customer choose to use the services of the multiple listing service or other real estate brokers services, a separate agency agreement will be provided at that time.
If you have any questions or concerns of this policy, please contact us.

Do you have any tips for buying or selling a home?

How do I go about getting new photos?

If you wish to have new photos taken, the charge is $50 for our time & travel. 

If you wish to take your own photos & email them to us, we will replace them for free.

You may also upload new photos via the site’s new client login interface.

How much will it cost me to renew my current listing?

 Please call us at 309-756-SHOW (7469) to discuss renewal. With our new site design, we have yet to add the renewal rates to the payment processor.  FYI – You are always welcome to upgrade to the MLS package – you initial package cost ($990 – your original cost = around $740-790) <– What is this? Click here for more info

Why Don’t you place “New” next to your new listings?

Do you track “hits” or “pageloads” of every listing?

How can I advertise my business on your site?

Simply contact us to schedule a meeting 309-756-SHOW (7469)

If you have any questions not answered here - Contact Us! 309-756-7469

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