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Hit Counts, Stats, Smoke & Mirrors

Hit counts, smoke & mirror tricks

I get a few emails now and again asking about hit counts, stats, etc… (My guess is, my competition is sending mass emails to my clients indicating they have “monstrous” hit counts, bla, bla, bla)

Most people think these things are simply true & accurate.

Lots of sites use hit counters & statistical logging software to track trends and patterns of use on their site. This is what the software was intended for “tracking trends”.

Do not allow yourself to be mislead into thinking it is the end all be all of certainty.

Our website does not track individual hits or use statistical logging software to boast our business for several good reasons.

The programs that operate the counting scripts are not as accurate as most people think for reasons that most people are not aware of:

We have tried several statistical logging software programs and they stated we had over 65,000 hits per week. I have a degree in computer programming/business and to satisfy my own curiosity – I questioned the procedures of how these programs calculate the hit count. I contacted the author of a statistical logging software that was being used by one of my competitors.  I was also told “it is s great marketing tool” and my response was “is it accurate, does it count every move and load“?  “Can someone from another location manipulate the software?” – the answer was “No it is not completely accurate and Yes, it is easily manipulated”.  With that in mind – I refuse to use such software as it is deceptive and inaccurate.

I had a similar situation develop about sites that offer up stats about other sites. One competitor placed an Alexa ranking chart on their site boasting their rank was better and that made their site the most popular site on the QCA!… not just the most popular fsbo site – but – “the” most popular site in the QCA. Hard to believe isn’t it?  Soon, there were other competitors throwing out Alexa rankings, etc, etc… So, I did some digging. I found numerous articles on how to manipulate my Alexa ranking. In no time, my rank was way up there…. but, then I thought “hmmm” now is this really a way to present your business? I consider myself an honest guy – always trying to improve – always trying to do what is right. This type of manipulation didn’t seem right. I knew I could further manipulate the stats… but, that isn’t going to make me feel better at the end of the day for sure. I dismissed the entire setup – withdrew the code – and, felt better about myself and my ethics.

We have had far too many people leave sites that operate in this manner. They were told they had “hundreds or thousands” of hits – yet they had few to no calls on the property. Once they find out how this software has it’s flaws and is not what they thought is was – they felt completely deceived. The last thing I want is for my clients to feel they have been deceived in any way. I value my clients and their opinions of our operation. I refuse to drive my business in any way other than honesty, integrity, and in the best interest of my clients.

Any site that utilizes statistical logging software is not presenting completely accurate information. These sites drive their business by questionable statistics, large banners stating millions of dollars worth of home sold in a given year (with “no” proof), and the home seller is lead to believe they will be successful because of these boasts of inaccuracy.

The site’s popularity is – and has been – growing daily. Since 1999, our success rate is proven through the vast amount of people who have attributed their success to advertising on our site. A majority of our clients state the buyer utilized our site to either find the home or review the home before making the offer. Don’t take my word for it – view our testimonials and our sold properties lists.

Having your home placed on the Internet is a great way to increase your exposure. The potential buyer gets to review the home and it’s information 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. It is definitely one of the best ways to present the home. The leads generated are quality leads for the potential buyer has seen and read about the property – and there is little for them to inquire about.

Be assured that listing your property on  is being viewed by thousands of Quad Citians and more!

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