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Tips On Preparing A Home To Be Photographed

How to prepare the home to be photographed

Below are some tips on how to prepare a home to be photographed. Although most of these tips are common sense – you may find a tip or two here that will definitely help.

Exterior Prep:
Animals: Please have all animals safely secured inside the garage before and during the scheduled photo shoot.
If the weather is extremely hot, find a secure spot that can occupy the animal for the duration of the photo shoot.
If you have a inside kennel: be sure the kennel is not in an area that will be photographed.
“Please” scoop the yard prior to the photo shoot. The photographer will always remove his shoes but would love to avoid any excrement.
Vehicles: Please have all vehicles either in the garage, or on the street away from any possible views the photographer might take.
If you have a boat, trailer, or likewise – please have it on the street or away from the property the day of the photo shoot
Yard: Remove any objects in the yard such as kids toys, lawn equipment, pet dishes, etc.
Have the deck and/or patio areas staged & clear of any unwanted objects
Interior Prep:
*Please close garage doors, house entry doors, and all windows.
*Please make sure the home is empty of dog/cat toys, food dishes, treat containers, etc…
*Remove all refrigerator magnets, boxes, etc off of the refrigerator and laundry machines
*Remove any dishes and/or cleaning supplies in the open kitchen area
(Small appliances & decor are fine – we just don’t want sink traps, etc in the photos)
*Remove area rugs, soaps, shampoos, towels, plungers, toilet brushes, etc
*Remove any/all bright colored objects such as toys, etc from main living areas
*Remove or hide all gaming systems, controllers, cds, dvds, etc.
*Make sure all coats, hats, shoes and likewise are put in a closet away from sight
*Close all closet doors, remove unwanted objects from the end tables/night stands, etc
*Remove all objects sticking out from under the beds. (Be sure everything is either way under the bed & un-noticable)
*Make sure the bed cover actually covers the mattress & box spring (No sheets or mattress should be seen peaking out from the comforter)
*Turn off all televisions, monitors, or colored lighting.
*If your have your child’s name on their bedroom wall – please remove it. If it is adhered to the wall – I will blur it out with Photoshop.
*All photos of children & family will be purposely blurred out in the photos via Photoshop (no need to remove family photos).
*Have the curtains open, blinds cracked upwards (to reduce sunlight lines on flooring)
*Be sure that the rooms look open – views with more flooring showing create a better photo.
*If you chose to store things away for photos – it is best to place them in the garage. We seldom take garage interior photos… Most garages are “garages”… The idea is we wouldn’t want you to store a lot of stuff in a main room or room that could be shown to aid in the adverting & appeal of your home.
*Be sure all the lights (lamps included) are on in every room (even if you are not considering photographing the room). The photographer will be taking notes of every room.
*Be sure that all rooms are photo ready… If the photographer sees an item that may distract from the focus of the photo – he will move it and place it back for you. But, he will not clean the room and/or move heavy objects. (Yes, this has happened more than once)

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