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Why you do not want New on your FSBO Ad.

Why you do “not” want “New” on your online FSBO Ad

Over the last 19 years, I have had countless calls and emails asking how long a property has been on the site or why we do not place “new” on our listings.
 At this time, there is no listing date or indication of how long a home has been on our website Although it may be information the viewer would like to have, it is not information that would help the seller. New or old, the property should be compared with others without the factor of how long it has been on the market.
 We see sites that place “new” on their listings (and state new is only for properties 1 week old) are keeping the “new” tag on the properties for weeks and sometimes longer because the seller states no further traffic is had after the “new” tag is removed. The local MLS started placing “new listing” on their ads only to find that agents are pulling the ad for a couple of days only to replace it so they can have that “new listing” ribbon appear again. Tricks… smoke & mirrors.
You can see where that would definitely kill the exposure as a seller. Most viewers would come to view the new properties and believe they have already seen the “old” ones – so, the “not new” properties fall into a less than favorable position.
Our site has a compare feature that allows you to select property and has the information placed side by side in order to make comparing easier than ever. If the fact that one property has been on the market longer than the other should hold no value. Most people believe if the home has been on the market a long time, the sellers will be more apt to take a lower offer. Fact is, “most” sellers entertain that very idea from the start. Never let the time factor stop you from going after the home you want. If you want to offer less, the worst that can happen is they say no. But, maybe they counter offer? Maybe they say yes… You can only try.
I hope this answers your question as to why we do not place a listing date or new on our ads.
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